• Polymers: The world’s most experienced High-Pressure Polyethylene specialist


of the current LPDE/EVA global
capacity engineered by ECI

10 million+

high-pressure ECI man
hours executed


LDPE/HP co-polymer streams delivered
across 6 continents

Over 50%

of the world’s large-scale polymer plants
engineered by ECI in past 10 years

We have built plants on six continents over six decades. Our specialist high- pressure technology expertise has benefited over 100 LDPE/EVA plants worldwide. We have engineered more than 40% of the LDPE and HP copolymer global capacity.

Our Group works closely with key technology providers as well as various legacy licensors.

ECI Group is also holder of the world-renowned ICI technology.

High-pressure ICI autoclave technology

We hold the autoclave technology that has its roots in the heritage ICI process developed to manufacture polyethylene, which ICI created in the 1930s. ICI then partnered with ECI Group’s subsidiary company Simon Carves for over five decades to deliver more than 67 operating reactor lines around the world.

The ECI Group design of the technology offers significant improvements over the ICI original and is optimised to make use of modern materials, design techniques, standards and industry best practices for construction, operation and maintenance.

The ICI original was a first – and with our upgraded version the technology is still setting the world standard.

The ECI Group design is capable of producing Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Ethylene n-Butyl Acrylate (EnBA) and a range of other acrylate and acid copolymers. The base autoclave design is also capable of increased production using ECI’s proprietary High-Conversion Autoclave Reactor Extension (HARE™) technology, which can be incorporated during the new-build phase or retrofitted at a later date with minimal plant modification.

Other ECI Group technologies and expertise include:

  • Direct Co-monomer Injection (DCI) technology for improved hyper throughput and reliability
  • Reactor Blowdown System (RBS) technology for environmental emissions abatement during decomposition events
  • Other polymers – Solution phase (LLDPE and elastomers), Gas phase (LLDPE and HDPE) and Slurry phase (HDPE and PP)

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