ECI Group & Repsol Secure First 200kta License Utilizing Proprietary Hybrid Technology

ECI Group & Repsol Secure First 200kta License Utilizing Proprietary Hybrid Technology

ECI Group is pleased to announce that it has signed License and Engineering Agreements for Process Technology and Engineering Design with a confidential Chinese client for two lines of EVA production using ECI Group’s proprietary Hybrid Technology offering. This technology is capable of producing 400kta EVA total, each line producing 200kta. The plant will be part of the client’s integrated project to be located in Guangxi Province, China. ECI Group will provide the technology, design, and training for the two lines, as well as support through commissioning, start-up, and production.

Repsol, the multi-energy company, as ECI Group’s partner will provide its extensive technical, operational, and commercial expertise. Repsol has several LDPE, EVA, and EBA plants in its industrial complexes in Spain and Portugal and has over 40 years of experience producing award-winning polymer products in its high-pressure facilities.
ECI Group’s Hybrid Technology offering is unique in the industry as it allows for production of EVA and other high-value copolymers at capacities of 200 kta and higher, which was previously only possible with tubular reactors. The Hybrid technology offers the higher capacities of tubular lines with the expanded product capability of autoclave lines. In addition, ECI’s various proprietary design features and enhancements contribute to the overall effectiveness of the process and result in higher production with lower operating costs.

While the client declined to provide a comment citing project confidentiality, they noted that they had reviewed a number of technology options and made the decision to select ECI Group’s hybrid technology for a number of important reasons including the unmatched product range, lower operating costs, the design built for future product development capabilities and the reputation of Repsol as a long-standing producer of high-quality products.

Commenting on the signing of the contract, Joaquin Flores, President and CEO of ECI Group, said “This latest award is a game-changer for the industry. Clients now have access to a flexible slate of high-value products at world scale capacities. Our proprietary Hybrid Technology provides our client with the best combination of production, reliability while lowering operating costs and providing a superior product range. We are proud that this client chose ECI’s technology after carrying out a detailed analysis of the technology against competitors’ existing offerings, and we look forward to successfully delivering two lines of this first-of-a-kind design with the support of our partner Repsol’s market knowledge and product expertise.”

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Shandong Yulong Agreement

ECI Group, In Partnership With Repsol, Signs An Engineering Expertise Agreement For Shandong Yulong’s Integrated Refining And Petrochemical Complex

  • ECI Group will provide the technology, design, and training for the facility, and support through commissioning, start-up, and production for this new dual-stream high-pressure plant.
  • Repsol will offer its knowledge in the production and operation for the new 200,000 tons per year ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer plant and know-how regarding the development of EVA differentiated applications.

ECI Group has signed an Engineering Expertise Agreement with Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of China’s Nanshan Group, for a dual-stream plant capable of producing 200,000 tonnes per year of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and other associated high-pressure copolymers in the future.

The plant will be part of Shandong Yulong’s 20 million tonnes per year refining and petrochemical integrated project, a mega complex to be located in the Province of Shandong. ECI Group will provide the technology, design, and training for the facility, as well as support through commissioning, start-up, and production.

Repsol, the multi-energy company, is the technology partner of ECI Group and will provide its extensive technical expertise on these kinds of plants and products. Repsol has several LDPE, EVA, and EBA plants in its industrial complexes in Spain and Portugal and has over 40 years of experience producing polymers in high-pressure facilities.

The plant will use high-pressure autoclave technology that has its roots in the heritage ICI process to manufacture of Polyethylene. ICI first created LDPE in the 1930s, and ICI partnered with ECI Group’s subsidiary company Simon Carves over five decades to deliver over 67 operating reactor lines around the world. The ECI Group design offers significant improvements in the product range, reliability, and expandability to the original ICI technology, and is optimized to make use of modern materials, design techniques, standards, and industry best practices for construction, operation, and maintenance.

“This agreement is an important milestone for ECI Group and Repsol,” said Joaquin Flores, President of ECI Group. “ECI Group is already recognized globally as the world’s leading provider of engineering and technical services for high-pressure polyethylene facilities, having worked with every major current producer and licensor. The execution of this agreement confirms the strength of our new technology offering, incorporating Repsol’s in-depth product knowledge and market reputation to further enhance ECI Group’s established expertise. We are excited to support Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Ltd. on this prestigious project, and we look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

“It is a great highpoint for Repsol to see the results of this important partnership with ECI Group, a leading engineering and technology company in the petrochemical industry. We are looking forward to providing our expertise to Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Ltd. for their Refining and Petrochemical Integrated Project,” stated José Luis Bernal, Executive Director at Repsol Química.

About Repsol

Repsol is a global multi-energy company that is leading the energy transition with its ambition of achieving zero net emissions by 2050. Present throughout the energy value chain, the company employs 24,000 people worldwide and distributes its products in nearly 100 countries. Its customer-focused product and services portfolio meets all consumer needs of around 24 million customers, whether at home or on the move. Repsol is also a major player in the power and gas market in Spain with 1,2 million customers and a total low emissions generation capacity of 3.300 MW.

To achieve zero net emissions by 2050, Repsol is deploying an integrated model of decarbonization technologies based on enhanced efficiency, increased low-emissions power generation capacity, production of low-carbon fuels, development of new customer solutions, the circular economy, and by driving breakthrough projects to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

Repsol has one of Europe’s most efficient refining systems and has three large petrochemical facilities where differentiated products with high added value are developed. The company is transforming its seven industrial complexes in Spain, Portugal, and Peru into multi-energy hubs through state-of-the-art projects that will reduce their carbon footprint.

In Chemicals, Repsol is committed to greater efficiency in industrial processes geared towards the circular economy, with the goal of recycling the equivalent of 20% of its polyolefin production by 2030. Repsol has a circular economy strategy since 2016 that it has applied throughout its value chain, from obtaining raw materials to commercializing products and services.

Its products are used to make everyday objects that improve people’s quality of life, well-being, and safety. Its wide variety of chemical products range from base petrochemicals to derivatives and include a wide range of polyolefins, all 100% recyclable.

About ECI Group

ECI Group comprises Engineers and Constructors International, Inc., headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Simon Carves Engineering Ltd., headquartered in Manchester, UK, as well as the International Technical Excellence Center (ITEC). With its history stretching back over 143 years to the formation of Simon Carves in 1878, ECI Group today provides specialist services and technology for the full lifecycle of polyolefins plants.

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ECI Group signs Exclusive Partnership Agreement with Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd for Wilson System®

ECI Group signs Exclusive Partnership Agreement with
Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd for Wilson System®

ECI Group and Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd have signed an agreement to license and offer the Wilson System® for waste processing.

The Wilson System® is a unique proven and patented waste treatment technology that takes mixed unsorted Municipal, Commercial and light Industrial Solid waste which treats the biogenic content and converts it to a cellulose rich fibre sanitising all the material to produce a range of clean resale products. The technology provides a recycling rate of up to 90%, providing a truly sustainable solution designed to valorise waste. Wilson Fibre® is the primary product of the system that can be further processed to produce high value products such as biomass fuel pellets. Other materials separated through this process are clean plastics as well as ferrous and non-ferrous recyclates. It is a circular system feeding the circular economy.

The main advantages of the Wilson System® are:

  • Carbon emissions are reduced by utilising waste as an asset which is currently discharged to landfill as a liability, with the well documented consequence of landfill methane and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and environmental impacts.
  • Replacing fossil fuels with high value biomass pellets produced from Wilson Fibre®, provides a substantial reduction in carbon emissions and provides integration with other processes to convert them into valuable chemical products.
  • Unique proven separation process to obtain homogenous biomass, plastics, metal, and glass which can be reused to produce other products.
  • Reduce waste volume by up to 70 % of its original volume, Waste sanitization and integral odour abatement system.
  • Modular design to allow scalable implementation in large-scale facilities.

The partnership agreement provides a tremendous base for both parties to work together in enhancing the system to meet specific environmental, market and client needs. This will leverage ECI Groups 145 years of cutting-edge engineering expertise knowledge with Wilsons’s decades of development of the Wilson System® to offer to the market a unique, cost effective and highly scalable global solution to the environmental and economic problems.

Tom Wilson, Founder of Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd and inventor and designer of The Wilson System® commented: “The Wilson System® is a global solution to the environmental and economic problems that are caused by the destructive methods currently used in the disposal of waste. The system is designed to valorise waste, it then becomes an asset from which a diverse range of products matched to the needs of the location can be returned to the local economies providing a truly and Sustainable Circular Economy.”

Joaquin Flores, President of ECI Group, called the Agreement with Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd “an important milestone. It is a major step in the commitment of ECI Group to provide engineering expertise and solutions for the Circular Economy. This is something we owe to current and future generations, and we have spent many years in trying to find the right system and partner. We firmly believe that we have found this with The Wilson System® and with Tom and his highly qualified team. We are very excited about taking this to the market and sharing the uniqueness and benefits we have only touched upon in this announcement.”

ECI Group and Wilson are already engaged in several projects around the world that use Municipal Solid Waste to obtain raw materials to be used in production of new plastics, fuel, or energy, thus closing the loop, and decreasing the carbon footprint.

About Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd

Wilson Bio-Chemical (WBC) has over 50 years’ experience in the design, construction, and supply of steam process systems in the waste industry and many more years in other industries. The WBC team has developed a commercial system for the conversion of a variety of waste materials into useful products by using clean, dry, saturated steam in large rotating autoclaves. For waste operators, energy suppliers, environmentally concerned municipalities or larger organisations, Wilson Bio-Chemical provides a guaranteed autoclaving process to convert MSW into a renewable energy in a safe and efficient manner. Among all the other EfW technologies available, the Wilson System® produces a high-quality product through an automated process and creates an opportunity to provide energy security; Wilson Fibre® will be essential in ensuring societies are no longer totally dependent on imports or fossil fuels. Visit the website at

Wilson System® and Wilson Fibre® are registered trademarks of Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd.

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